About The Veltrons

During a band dinner in San Francisco in the summer of 2019, Imogen Heap mentioned to her guitarist Stevie J Jones that she was involved with this “new music app called Endlesss” and it might be something he would like. She wasn’t wrong. He didn’t sleep for days, drawn deep into what the community jokingly refer to as the “Essshole”, jamming on Endlesss every day for hours with people all over the world.

Over the coming weeks Stevie befriended other musicians in the Endlesss community, being naturally drawn to those whose feel and sound he liked the most. Three of those people were Red Sky Lullaby (living in upstate New York), Badrico (Vancouver island) and Bounce (San Francisco). The four of them would regularly be seen in the late-night jams, trading beats, basslines and insane remix ideas.

When Tim Exile, founder and CEO of Endlesss, put on an event where jammers could take over the live stream on the Endlesss Twitch channel for an hour, Stevie J contacted these three to form the crew that became The Veltrons.

In the lead up to the live performance, they began a week-long practice jam to try out ideas. So much intriguing music was generated in those sessions that it seemed a shame to waste it. Stevie J suggested everyone could take their favourite parts and create a remix, and the idea for the record was born.

Red Sky Lullaby, Badrico and Stevie J all created their own takes on what had happened during the week, creating a fascinating suite of electronic “variations on a theme” – generated from the same material but with dramatically different approaches: Red Sky Lullaby’s crisp beats punch out as hard as anything. Badrico’s trippy venture into the furthest reaches of space contrasts beautifully with the smooth ambient depth of Stevie J’s mixes.

Tim Exile heard about the idea, and loved it so much that he stepped in to help bring it to fruition by getting Cherif Hashizume (David Byrne, Jon Hopkins, King Creosote) to master the mixes. This brought the final layer of polish needed to get this “accidental album” completed. The musicians involved still convene regularly on Endlesss. Having recently recruited a new member – the phenomenal force that is Theau (living in Caen, France) – The Veltrons are currently working on a new EP for release in late autumn 2020.

Stevie J Jones

Stevie J is a producer, multi-instrumentalist and coder living in London. He has recorded and/or toured with Brian Eno, David Holmes, Imogen Heap, AIR, Craig Armstrong, Bryan Ferry and Florence + The Machine amongst others. While remaining an avid fan and collector of vintage synths and drum machines, he is rarely seen far from an iPhone since the arrival of Endlesss. @stevie_j_jones

Red Sky Lullaby

Originally from London but now calling upstate New York home, Red Sky Lullaby grew up enjoying a hearty mix of hip hop, metal, funk, ambient and classical. Early teenage experiments learning the ins and outs of a mixing desk and reel-to-reel tapes developed into a lifelong joy in making music and sounds. Red Sky Lullaby sound presets appear on more than 20 synths and music apps including Reason Compact and Synclavier Apps. Most recently, Red Sky can be found hanging out in his new natural habitat bouncing musical ideas around jamming with friends and strangers in Endlesss. @redskylullaby


Badrico always loved to jam, mostly blowing harmonica and smashing bongos in rowdy kitchens. As those heady days of youthful exuberance waned, he learned acupuncture and made music with pins and energetic channels instead. Later wandering into electronic alleys via Ableton Live and apps like ThumbJam, Badrico started making tropical house and lonesome triphop for friends imprisoned in his sunken living room. He discovered Endlesss via a livestream in Sonicstate, and was suddenly jamming late into the night with musicians from every corner of who-knows-where. @baddrico


Theau is a sound craftsman that is always listening, experimenting with surfaces, techniques, and encounters. To him, every moment and every place is conducive to experimenting and gathering sounds. He moves effortlessly back and forth between acoustic instruments (guitar, hurdy-gurdy, piano) and rare or customised electronic instruments. His house is one big sound lab, where there’s an opportunity in every nook and cranny to create, new sound matter or noise. Theau likes to jam, sing and perform with friends both in Endlesss and on stage. @theau (Soundcloud)


No idea. The ever-mercurial Bounce disappeared shortly after the live gig, and hasn’t surfaced since, but his spirit is alive and well in the inner workings of the source material.

Special Thanks